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How it works

Through our Dietician app we offer the following features:

Live Chats with Your Dietician 


We understand that sometimes you need a little extra help.

It's in the real life detail of being at your favourite Italian Restaurant or needing to grab a convenience meal for

lunch - we are always there for you! Your Dietician App

includes a messaging feature that directly connects you

to your personal Dietician coach.

Live Chat.jpg
Live Chat
Food Journal.jpg

Food Journal Logging 

with Your Dietician Coach

We've created an App where you can tick the boxes of everything you've eaten in a day. Or better yet, send a quick photo of your

plate of food. Food logging is critical to help identify your areas

for improvement when times get tough. Also food / water /

exercise and mood logging helps celebrate healthy choices

during difficult situations.

Food logging creates a mindful attitude towards eating - where

you actively choose everything that goes into your mouth.

Food Journal

Motivational Content

You are never alone! What keeps this platform exciting and

current - is that we are always teaching you something new

through all the AWESOME Nutrition content. They say…

”Change the way you see things, and the thing you see

changes”. We offer you constant and ongoing new ways

of seeing your Healthy Eating challenges.  


You will receive weekly:

  • Check in Questionnaires

  • Motivation Quotes

  • Easy Recipes

  • Jokes

  • Exercise and Water Challenges 

  • New Food Product reviews 

3.Motivational Content
Lifestyle counseling

Personalised Meal Plans

After your initial consultation your Dietician coach will calculate

your daily calorie requirements. Taking into account your age, height, gender, and other factors, we calculate how many

calories you will need to achieve your goal (weight loss,

weight gain, weight maintenance). 

The Individualisation process comes into every Eating plan to account for the client’s food preferences, any religious restrictions, food allergies and what your typical daily routine looks like. Our

goal is to present you with the most flavoursome, practical and exciting Eating Plan.

4.Meal Plans

Recipe Database

We all know that it takes planning, effort and time to eat well.

We provide inspiration when motivation (and time) are limited!

On our App as well as our Instagram page we have a Quick &

Easy Recipe Database, with shopping lists, videos and relevant substitutions for any special dietary requirements. Food and

eating are so much a part of life, coming together, nourishing yourself.  We set you up to love your plate of food again.

5.Recipe Database

Progress Tracking

Through our Dietician App we offer real time tracking to monitor: 


  • Meal and snack choices

  • Recommended portion size

  • Water and liquid intake

  • Activity levels including sports and daily step count 

  • Special occasions and treats

  • Sleep habits

  • Other non-scale markers of progress such a clothes / photographs / energy levels / fitness level

6.Progress Tracking

What makes us Different? 

Our Buddy System Philosophy

We are on board to have your back ALL

day EVERY day. This is what makes us

so different. It's like having a real-time Dietician in your pocket as an

accountability partner.

Eating Re-Set & Re-Connect

We educate and empower you how to

eat the foods you love AND still lose

weight. The habits, tips & tools you

are taught will become your manual

for eating for the rest of your life.

Affordable & Competitive

Enormous value for money as opposed

to old school weekly Dietician weigh-in

and discussion model.


Let's take the next step together!

Schedule a free consultation today!

Your healthy transformation is one click away.
With the right support everything is possible.

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